ReveSkin SilverMoist Daily Cream

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1.17 oz.

Silver is a unique, signature ingredient in ReveSkin SilverMoist Post Treatment and Acne Purifying line with powerful anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial and anti-biotic properties.

Out of stock


  • Intensively replenishes moisture under extremely dry conditions.
  • Helps soothe sensitive, irritated, and inflamed skin.
  • Helps promote the skin’s natural healing process.
  • Helps reduce the symptoms of rosacea.

How does Micronized Silver Work?
The vast majority of skin problems result from harmful external bacteria. The silver particles physically cling very well to skin and provide a depot of pure silver that continuously generates silver ions to regulate the population of harmful germs, resulting in long-lasting anti-microbial action to strengthen skin’s natural healing process.

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