ReveSkin Fortified Bleaching 4%

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ReveSkin Fortified Bleaching 4%

1.07 oz.

  • We recommend consulting your skin specialist to determine if this is the right product for your skin condition. Using this product without professional consultation may lead to an adverse skin reaction.

ReveSkin Fortified Bleaching RX is a must have as pre and post treatment for RevePeel to enhance the results on Pigmentation and melasma while eliminating the risks of PIH on dark ski type.

The non irritating and easy absorption formula makes it the ONLY prescription level hydroquinone product that can be used during peeling process, fully integrated. hydroquinone 4% , Vitamin C, Green tea and peptides complex, lactic acid, Licorice Root extract.

It is also an important home care step in Enlighten skin lightening system to act as continuous depigmentation without downtime and irritation.

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