Reveskin Acne Purifying Cleanser

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5.1 oz.

This cleanser is especially good for those who are looking to exfoliate, clear, soothe, and calm inflamed skin.

It contains MicroSilver, which has a microbial effect and regulates the population of harmful germs and microorganisms on the skin.

This botanical extract infused gentle cleanser chemically exfoliates with Salicylic Acid at a 2.0 % strength.

A powerful targeted acne treatment features Salicylic Acid combined with Micronized Pure Silver with powerful anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Blended with Moist Botanical Extracts to provide extreme hydration to eliminate dryness and irritation.

This is a non-stripping formula, that works best for oily, acne-prone skin.



  • Exfoliates and clears the skin.
  • Effectively neutralizes acne causing bacteria to prevent and heal breakouts.
  • Soothes and calms inflamed skin.
  • Fragrance Free


Sulfate Free | Fragrance Free | Physicians Exclusive

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